​Semper Gratus, Inc.

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Semper Gratus, Inc. stands by its mission of helping veterans by providing monetary and non-monetary contributions and mentoring support.  In addition to providing individual support to veterans, Semper Gratus, Inc. has contributed to various veteran charity organizations and military facilities.  Read more below about these organizations and the efforts of Semper Gratus, Inc.

Feherty's Troops First Foundation 

Semper Gratus, Inc. has donated to Feherty's Troops First Foundation's wounded veterans initiatives such as a transitional housing program, a veteran to veteran outreach program, and a proper exit program . Click here to read more about Feherty's Troops First Foundation and its initiatives. 

Gary Sinise Foundation

Semper Gratus, Inc. has contributed over $50,000 to the Gary Sinise Foundation which was formed to support our nation's defenders, veterans, and first responders. To find out more about Gary Sinise Foundation, click here.

Annual Helicopter Veterans Weekend Event

The Annual Helicopter Veterans Weekend was conceived by Semper Gratus, Inc. in 2014 to benefit the veterans and active-duty warriors that have proudly served our country, and were seriously wounded in the process.  The concept was to get them back in their element, without the danger of actual combat.  With donations, civilians were able to sponsor both themselves and a war fighter to be able to hunt hogs from a helicopter, learn sniping techniques by Master Snipers and Special Ops Personnel, enjoy the pistol and rifle range, and get up close and personal with our country's heroes.  This event is held each year and includes a silent auction which helps raise funds for Semper's on-going initiatives. 

Naval Base Coronado

With the donations given, Semper Gratus, Inc. was able to install memorials and provide new Audio Visual equipment for classrooms at Naval Base Coronado in San Diego, CA. 

Upon returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, many of our nations heroes return home wounded, some seriously injured. With the donations given, Semper Gratus, Inc. was able to cover some of these medical bills for a few of these wounded veterans and their wives and children. 
Semper Gratus, Inc. has also assisted in providing veterans with service dogs to aid in daily tasks.